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Design Pillars

These are the core ideas that set this game apart from other games. These design pillars should rarely change, and represent the direction the game is moving towards.

Pick up and play

A new player can jump in instantly and have fun. There's no need to watch a tutorial, read a build guide or invite friends.

Casual cooperation

It's easy to team up when it suits you, and part ways when it doesn't. You're hanging out, not joining a professional team. No pressure.

Permadeath and danger

If you don't pay attention, you will die. Being high level will not save you. Powerful items will not keep you safe.

(When we say this game is 'casual', we mean it's easy to learn and you can make quick progress in short play sessions. We don't mean you can play without thinking.)

Pillars under discussion

Diverse playstyles

You can customize your characters in many ways. It's rare to find two high level characters with the same abilities and stats.

Diverse challenges

There are many different creatures to fight and challenges to overcome. Some players might specialise in running particular content.


Witches Expelled by Matthew Gatland